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Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2020 3.05.85

Abelssoft ScreenVideo software overview Record video and screen capture:

ScreenVideo is a program designed to record video and audio, allowing you to capture your entire screen or just part of it and create different videos based on this. For anything you want to use this software you will get simple tools to record audio and video.

The ScreenVideo program has a convenient and fully functional interface that contains a minimal set of options. You should start by choosing the area to record, whether it’s the entire screen or just a portion of it. If you decide to make your final choice, the program will prompt you to select a rectangular area on your desktop. The app can also work with PCs with multiple monitors, letting you choose between the primary or secondary display. By default, the software is configured to record video, but you can also only use it to record audio. No matter what the choice is, in the end you just need to press the big red Rec Rec button to get started.


Abelssoft ScreenVideo – Record video and capture screenshots

The program displays a control window during recording, which you can optionally hide, which means it will not be displayed in full screen recording. You can pause or stop recording at any time, from the console window or using keyboard shortcuts. The resulting video is saved in MP4, WEBM or WMV format and there are options to set the resolution of the output file, you can adjust the frame rate and audio bit rate. In fact, ScreenVideo allows you to choose between several predefined quality profiles and also offers the ability to create your own profile through which it is easy to switch. Once the video is created you can open it with your default player, you can view it in the folder you saved it or delete it immediately, with no preview.

Features of ScreenVideo

  • Best screen recorder
  • For beginners and experts alike
  • Whether you are already a recording pro or creating video from your desktop for the first time, ScreenVideo provides you with intuitive controls and only features suitable for demanding footage.
  • Express yourself with the functions of a moderator
  • To explain something to someone, a video is ideal. The handy operator feature uses imaging technology to integrate you directly into the corner of the video. You just need a webcam and turn you off!
  • 5 quality levels
  • Video recorded? Perfect! Decide the quality at which you want to publish your video. You have a choice: from SD quality up to 4K!
  • Personal editing
  • If you like, then optimize your videos with amazing features like slow motion, cropping, drawing and more!
  • Use many customization options: quality, frame rate, cursor size, bit rate or more. You have full control!
  • Intuitive operation.

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