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Album TD 4.0

Album TD Create wedding photo album:

Album TD has the full name is “Album Turbo Design” can help you design a wedding album album family photo album, with friends, etc.; any theme album with the great entertainment in just a few seconds. Album TD is equipped with fishing features from Album DS design software album for Photoshop, a new tool has been developed: Album Turbo Design. All the power to pull and drop-at services, album design, tools design new of, we will immediately create layouts for both page count and paging dual. Attractive design and modern, you can modify to suit your style.


Album TD – Create photo album wedding

The features of the Album TD

  • Drag and drop to instantly create a design.
  • Grid mode to design all the difference at the same time.
  • Exchange and add images between the spread easily.
  • Reorder spread just by dragging.
  • The exact distance between the images.
  • Insert photos between the others.
  • Margin around the image.
  • Including backgrounds, clipart and masks. You can even add your own to the library.
  • Use an image as background.
  • The image editor integrated to set the level of contrast and brightness, shadows and light, color and saturation, sharpness.
  • Rotate images and clipart.
  • Save your own designs as the layout.
  • The combinations are almost infinite of layout, margins and gaps.
  • Preview real of the layout full of images, backgrounds and clipart.
  • Separate background colors for left and right.
  • Set background opacity, color and saturation.
  • Set the opacity and color of the clipart.
  • Export to Adobe Photoshop, the document is fully layered with the images not being cut in smart objects.
  • Manage full-color, export to sRGB and Adobe RGB.
  • Free design, change the size and reposition any layer.
  • Aspect ratio 3:2 and layout design for free.
  • And many other features.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]

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