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Altair SimSolid 2020.1.0.85

Altair SimSolid software overview Rapid structural analysis:

SIMSOLID is a development of the American company SIMSOLID Corporation, a software product developed specifically for design engineers that enables power analysis of parts with complex geometry and large assembly. . SimSolid is structural analysis software specially developed for upfront evaluation. It eliminates simplification of geometry and meshing, the two most time consuming and specialized tasks performed in traditional FEA.

Furthermore, SimSolid can analyze unrealistic complex parts and large assemblies with traditional FEA and perform it efficiently on desktop class computers. Both fast and accurate, SimSolid controls the accuracy of the solution using a unique multi-pass adaptive analysis.

SimSolid features

  • SimSolid’s unique technology completely eliminates simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming jobs, extensive expertise and error-prone in traditional FEA. With SimSolid, the preparation of the model is done in minutes.
  • SimSolid has been designed for unrealistic analysis of complex parts and large assemblies with traditional FEA. SimSolid withstands inaccurate geometry. Its assembly connections are industry best at handling ragged contact surfaces with both gaps and overlapping geometry.
  • SimSolid is fast, really fast. Solution times are usually measured in seconds to minutes on a standard PC. With SimSolid, multiple design scenarios can be analyzed and compared quickly. And, accuracy can be specified at the individual part level allowing for quick insight to any level of detail required.

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