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Antenna Web Design Studio 7.1

Overview of software Antenna Web Design Studio Website design:

Antenna Web Design Studio is a powerful website design software with many options and optimized for both mobile devices and SEO Google, Bing, Yahoo. Antenna Web Design Studio helps you to create a professional website to promote yourself or your company. Publish your website online or distribute it as an interactive CV.

Antenna Web Design Studio is very simple and doesn’t require you to know HTML. The software supports and control the pixels precisely with an intuitive interface. Just drag and drop text, images, buttons, animations, and movies on the page, that’s exactly where they’ll appear in the web browser. With Dual Layout Responsive, you can also cater to desktop and mobile devices.


Antenna Web Design Studio – Website design

Plus, you can also design smooth gradient backgrounds and attractive glossy buttons without switching between apps – all built in! Give yourself a competitive edge and dip your toe in the international arena at any time – making any part of your website multilingual. And if you need a hand, there’s free online tutorials, expert advice, comprehensive illustrated manuals & free tech support.

Features of Antenna Web Design Studio

  • Fast website design does not require to know how to write html code.
  • Drag and drop WYSIWYG – Pixel
  • Powerful graphics are integrated
  • Create professional web galleries for your digital photos with Photo Gallery builder.
  • Full class system with layer transparency
  • Hardware accelerated H263 / MP4, MP3, AAC, OPUS, OGG, WEBM, Supports Flash, FLV Streaming Flash and YouTube Video.
  • Perfect your look and make visual changes across your website quickly and simply.
  • Integrated FTP publisher
  • No additional publishing software is required.
  • Multiple languages ​​- Site localization
  • Advanced can add custom HTML and Javascript and even create completely new objects using the Visual-HTML system

Antenna Web Design Studio 6.7 Update Content:

The official website did not provide any information about the changes in this version.


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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