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Overview of Aqua Data Studio software for database management and analysis:

Aqua Data Studio is a very useful application for developers, database management and analysis. It doesn’t matter if the database is the target of SQL, NOSQL, Oracle and …. The program provides tools that all three groups in question can use to increase productivity and speed up the public their job. You can analyze data in an integrated graphical environment. Get a Scripting, editing, and running queue of multiple databases at once. This Aqua Data Studio program can show you the structure of your database graphically, making it easier to understand larger databases. One of the strong points of this program is its ability to run a task simultaneously on multiple database engines. For example, you define a task that runs concurrently on a local database such as sybase, multiple Oracle-based remote databases, or a cloud-based database.


Aqua Data Studio

Features of Aqua Data Studio

  • Comprehensive IDE with lots of capabilities
  • Run various types of SQL queries on any database
  • Create queries visually without having to write tables, databases, and other objects.
  • Database debugging tools
  • Ability to connect to SSH terminals and execute commands
  • FluidSheel, a shell that combines standard SQL and standard UNIX commands
  • MongoShell tool to run JavaScript commands on a Mongo database
  • Intuitive analysis and automatic production of dashboard information
  • Ability to edit and add data to charts
  • Import and export data in a variety of Excel, CSV and …
  • Visual Browser database object
  • The ability to compare database structures and their matchability
  • Generate ER model from active database
  • It has built-in version control utility that can be linked with source, CSV sub-version controls

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