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aSc Timetables 2020.11.4

aSc Timetables Scheduling timetable:

aSc TimeTables is a software classroom management and planning only for students and pupils. With this app, just record the lessons, classes, number of classes, teachers and their rules in the program. Can combine some classes or some teacher for a specific lesson. The program comes with a simple guide to learn the different parts of the program. aSc TimeTables also minimize the error by evaluating data already entered and remove the common errors. You can edit the program and finally print it. With aSc Timetables you will be able to schedule the full lesson and his class.


aSc Timetables – scheduling timetable

The features of aSc Timetables

  • Automatic production curriculum
  • Manually editing the desired section
  • Reviews timetable and reporting the existing conflict
  • Easily enter data into the program
  • The ability to send the schedule to the teacher and your friends mobile
  • The class support in multiple buildings and locations
  • Fully customizable
  • A useful tool for scheduling teacher exchange and teacher, along with information and printing
  • The ability to build a website for your app is built
  • Available in the different countries in the world

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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