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BAT to EXE Converter 3.1.0

BAT to EXE Converter software overview Create EXE file from .BAT format:

BAT to EXE Converter is a powerful tool designed to create .EXE files from .BAT format. The interface of the application is a standard window with an uncomplicated layout. You can load a Batch file using either a file browser or the ‘drag and drop’ method. BAT to EXE Converter allows you to configure a number of options, before you convert .BAT files to executables, including manipulating the .EXE behavior by inserting some command lines.


BAT to EXE Converter – Create EXE file from .BAT format

Advanced BAT to EXE Converter integrates two wizards for commands and graphics. Alternatively, you can use the Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo functions along with Find and Replace. The app also gives you the Log details which can be viewed at the bottom of the screen.

Main features of BAT to EXE Converter:

  • Your script batch file users cannot view / change your code after it is encoded by the compiler.
  • Any action taken by the script can be kept confidential.
  • Executives compiled with Advanced .BAT to .EXE Converter will run on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to Win10 64bit.
  • Built in editor.
  • Allows mouse input for your bundle files.
  • Choose an executable icon for a professional look.
  • Encrypt batch file sources to keep your codes secret.
  • Created .EXE files are standalone files that don’t require any .DLL or .NET framework to run.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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