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Comic Collector Pro 20.6.2

Comic Collector Pro software overview Comic Data Management:

Comic Collector Pro is a software that creates and manages comic databases such as automatically retrieving images, character lists, writer lists, publishers, etc. It’s simple, users only need to enter the serial number. -ri or scan the barcode is the software that will automatically download the entire data of the comic.


Features of Comic Collector Pro

  • Browse your collection in Lists
  • Sort by any field.
  • Search for comics using the advanced and fast search engine.
  • See detailed information of comic books.
  • Export your Comic Collector database and wishlist to the CLZ Comics app, now available for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad, and Android.
  • Upload your comic list to Comic Collector Connect and share your public web link.
  • Batch edit multiple items at once, manage your loan, Automatically write headers, automatically create sort titles, manage your pick lists, set field defaults, change field names, etc. …

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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