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Creature Animation Pro 3.73

Overview of Creature Animation Pro software Designing 2D animation:

Creature Animation Pro is advanced 2D Animation software designed to add stunning animations to digital content. The meemflaf section combines the power of Creature and a robust workflow to create amazingly complex animations in an incredibly easy and time-efficient way. Creature Animation Pro is the ideal animation tool for game developers, digital artists and web designers who want to add that special animation magic to make your content come alive.


Creature Animation Pro – 2D animation design

Features of Creature Animation Pro

  • Live automatic animation tool, an incredibly powerful technology that lets you create movements you might not have thought possible with traditional bone animation software. Creature provides traditional tools like FK and IK strings for animation and then expands to give you some very advanced tools: Engine Bending Physics, Auto Walk Cycle Creation, Dynamism / Muscle / Soft Body, Smart Bone Enhancement, 2D Motion Capture and more.
  • Easily export your animations to image sequences, sprite sheets, movie files and FBX. For added power and flexibility, Creature allows you to export your animations to Creature’s custom JSON format. We provide the runtime of most major Game Toolkits for reading and displaying the animations in the work.
  • Creature Animation Pro is the ideal Animation Tool for game developers, digital artists and web designers looking to add that special animation magic to bring your content to life.
  • Creature Animation Pro provides in-depth documentation on using this powerful tool online as well as downloadable animation templates. Video tutorials are also available to teach you how to use the main features of the system.

Creature Animation Pro 3.68 update content:

Improved Atlas repackaging Improved Atlas repackaging algorithm to better preserve mesh settings and synchronize names after repackaging


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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