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CSI SAP2000 22.2.0 Build 1663 Ultimate

Overview of CSI SAP2000 software Analysis and Design:

CSI SAP2000 is pleased to announce the availability of SAP2000 version 21.0.2. Interesting new improvements have been implemented in SAP2000 v21 related to Load, Analysis and Design.

Models exhibiting slow convergence in previous versions should be re-run in the new version to verify results. The new results will be more accurate in the event that a significant difference between the old and new results is observed. Furthermore, the friction model was changed from the previous Wen formula which exhibits a gradual transition between gluing and sliding to a bilinear model that exhibits a sudden transition. Some differences in results could be expected due to the new formulation, especially for samples with a small initial hardness specified for isolator. Similar changes have been made to the formulas of the pendulum-quasi-pendulum-isolating elements in previous versions of the software. Finally, the new formula supports the event step,



Nonlinear static analysis, including build by phase, has been enhanced to allow usage flow search and event step at the same time. Previously only one of these two options could be used for a given load instance and the event step was prioritized. Now, when both options are selected, the event step will be used for the first iteration, and the line search will be used for subsequent iterations. By default, events and iterations with no line search are enabled for newly created load instances, which are equivalent to the previous behavior. When opening existing models from a previous version, load cases with both options turned off will disable line search to reproduce the previous behavior. Note that the line search is never used for load instances that use only the event step, i.e. repeating is disabled. Also note that the current search is never used for nonlinear static load cases in displacement control, only for load cases under force control. For construction load cases, force control is always used.

Installation and Problem frame design has been resolved: A problem was solved when the steel part not from the database section of the steel, but is generated by supplying the size of sample new parts or Modifications may define their shape incorrectly for steel frame design. This can lead to unconscious capacity capacity ratio. This only affects frame sections that were added or modified in v20.2.0, v21.0.0 or v21.0.1. Analysis results were not affected. Older models that do not add any new sections or modified existing parts will not be affected.

An issue was resolved in which the auto-select assignments for the frames were replaced with the final analysis when the model was opened. This affects v21.0.0 and v21.0.1. This has the effect of not optimizing the steel part, no other results are affected.

An issue was resolved where certain edits to hinge definition tables were not accepted. Specifically, (1) In the table “Hinge Def 08”, any changes made to RCRatio are not reflected in the hinge definition tables or forms. Values ​​will revert to their original values. (2) In the table “Hinge Def 11”, the IntType value cannot be set to “Steel: ASCE 41-13”.

An issue has been resolved in which sometimes an abnormal termination error occurs after the analysis is completed but before the results are completely saved. When this happens, the model is unlocked and the results are lost. This error is intermittent on the affected machines

Introduction to SAP2000. The name SAP has been synonymous with advanced analytical methods since its introduction over 30 years ago. SAP2000 follows the tradition of analog with a highly sophisticated, intuitive and flexible user interface powered by an unmatched analysis and design tool for engineers working in traffic and industry. , public buildings, sports and other facilities.


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