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Overview of Digistudio Software Slideshow:

Speedy Soft Digistudio software creates dynamic photo slideshows. Each slide show can display images. To display text clearly looks different. But only text, slideshows also in case of review by a third person can be used. If you want to donate an impressive CD for your vacation, the text cannot be changed, for example, in the form of subtitles. But also desirable for display titles and subtitles with different graphic designs is legitimate. Or how does one get, for example, a legend, a poem or quite simply a chapter from the travel diary in the slide show. DIGISTUDIO offers unique and elegant solutions. But DIGISTUDIO offers much more than topic text.


Digistudio – Photo slideshows

Features of Speedy Soft Digistudio

  • Digistudio provides a variety of photo slideshows
  • A place to store your photo slideshows
  • The easy integration of an HDTV television opens up a new and attractive perspective for classical programming.
  • Digital slide replacement for classic. No longer blurred by the thermal expansion of film material. No dust, no scratches, no fading.
  • DIGISTUDIO is also able to produce presentations on the Internet with extraordinary life.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]

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