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Dr. Explain Ultima 6.1.1191 (x64)

Dr.Explain Ultima is software that will help you create CHM help files, online HTML manuals, and printable tutorials in RTF and PDF formats. Using its unique automatic capture and annotation technology, developers can record their software interfaces. When set up to work, Dr.Explain parses an application directly and automatically generates its windows along with a series of annotations for each window control.

Dr.Explain is ideal for software developers, ISV, micro ISV and engineering writers. It handles all the intricacies of the format and creates helpers, allowing them to focus on plain text. Dr.Explain is also great at keeping help documentation in sync with software updates. Since all data is stored in a single source file, developers can easily edit or update any part of an existing file.

Features of Dr.Explain Ultima

  • Capture windows with cursor.
  • Image elements, menus and page layout can be customized
  • Dr.Explain will list the window’s controls and add a caption to each.
  • Just add some descriptive text and hit the Export button to create.

What’s in the new version Dr.Explain Ultima?

Project Automation Your work will not be lost even in the event of a system failure.

Insert HTML anchor tags easily.

New attractive and clear user interface for word processing activities.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]



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