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Dup Scout Ultimate – Enterprise 13.2.24

Overview of Dup Scout Ultimate software Find and delete duplicate files:

Dup Scout Ultimate is professional software with the purpose of helping you detect duplicate files stored in your computer and delete them to free up some disk space. This file manager utility can clean duplicate files from disks, folders, network shares, or NAS storage devices.


Dup Scout Ultimate – Find and delete duplicate files

Dup Scout Ultimate gives you the ability to build new profiles by specifying a name and choosing a network folder or share, all of your computer’s hard disks, servers or NAS devices, or all of the above servers. network. Alternatively, you can set up a rule to process files that match a certain criterion (for example, custom size search files, file properties or HEX templates), create exclusion lists, and like choosing a delete action for original (oldest or newest) files, namely replacing them with shortcuts or hard links, moving them to a custom folder, and deleting or compressing duplicates.

The main features of Dup Scout Ultimate

  • Quickly find duplicate files
  • Delete duplicate files quickly with one click
  • Create copy before taking action
  • Easily recover if accidentally deleted
  • The software is great for freeing up computer space

Update content of Dup Scout Ultimate 12.2.14 + Enterprise:

Added ability to batch execute multiple preconfigured duplicate file search commands with the DupScout command line utility that allows one person to automatically perform different types of duplicate file searches and / or duplicate searches on multiple NAS servers and storage devices over the network. In addition, the new product version improves the DupScout Server product version and fixes some bugs.

  • Added the ability to execute a series of commands to find duplicate files using the DupScout command line utility
  • Improved version of the DupScout Server product
  • Fix some bugs

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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