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EditPlus 5.3 Build 3326

Overview of EditPlus software Text editor:

EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, and programming editor for Windows. EditPlus works as a text editor, as well as PHP editor, HTML editor, Java editor, and Hex viewer. It supports syntax highlighting for many languages, like HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, C / C ++, Perl and Python, and can act as a web browser to preview HTML pages. EditPlus also provides a number of other useful features, such as auto completion, code folding, spellchecking, search and replace, custom shortcuts and HTML Toolbar for quick insertion of HTML tags.


While it can serve as a good Notepad replacement, it also offers many powerful features for website authors and programmers. EditPlus supports powerful and customizable syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C / C ++, Java, javascript, and VBScript by default. In addition, you can create your own syntax file to support other programming languages. So it supports user defined tools, help files, and key recording files. The output of the tool executable can be captured in the Output Window, so you can double click on the error line to automatically load the file and position the cursor to that line.


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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