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ETA Dynaform 5.9.4 Build 2019.03.21

ETA Software Overview Dynaform Material Simulation Software:

ETA Dynaform is a simulation software solution that allows organizations to bypass soft tools, reduce overall testing time, reduce costs, increase productivity and provide complete confidence in mold system design. . It also allows for unique and alternative design & materials appraisal.


ETA Dynaform – Material simulation software

Features of ETA Dynaform

Blank Size Engineering (BSE)

BSE is widely used to estimate drum sizes, together with drum cages for maximum material utilization, scrap & piece prices. The plug-in is used to predict thinning, thickness, and also to generate limit-formation (FLD) diagrams.

Formability Simulation (FS)

facilitates the rapid development and validation of progressive single mold and station designs. It frees up hidden problem areas & allows designers to optimize designs based on the correct formulation results.

Die Evaluation (D-Eval)

Since most tool designs are done in a CAD environment, DYNAFORM’s D-Eval Module is specially created to support and analyze CAD-based engineering and tool designs.

DsiDSA die system analysis (DSA) effectively predicts many stamping concerns in mold production lines. It is used for dump analysis / scrap removal, structural integrity and sheet metal transfer / treatment.

Optimization Platform

This module helps users go beyond identifying problem areas, by incorporating design optimization to improve performance and quality – reducing wrinkles, thinning, and tearing.


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