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Files Inspector Pro 3.01

Overview of File Inspector Pro software File data analysis:

Files Inspector 3 is a software that allows you to analyze data on your hard drive and delete outdated files, thereby freeing up space and simultaneously improving system performance. Despite the fact that hard drives are becoming cheaper and more voluminous, you have another place to store a large number of files that are not really needed in most cases, due to repetition and The data is simply outdated. If not properly maintained, you can fill the garbage space and cleaning up will eventually become a tedious process, this spotlight will let you turn things around quickly.


Files Inspector Pro v3 – Analyze File data

Once installed, a modern, stylish interface welcomes you. You should keep in mind that the tool starts to automatically scan your disk, this process may take some time depending on the size of the hard disk or SSD. While waiting for the completion of this process, you can find tips on the functionality of the application, especially if you have not used such programs before, but I think this is not necessary, Everyone can find out.

This development will allow you to perform quick analysis of documents, images, multimedia and other data and clearly display occupied space. Unfortunately nothing will be displayed as a schematic, anyway, the obtained data is quite intuitive, and you can easily get an overview of the files taking up the most space.

After you decide what data will be deleted from the disk, Files Inspector allows you to delete it directly from the application, for this you just need to select them. This applies not only to files and folders, but also to apps you no longer use. According to the developer, the app offers secure deletion, and only in case you change your mind you can find the deleted data in the Trash Can.

Features and functions of Files Inspector Pro

1. Quick analysis of the file system

Deliver results right after launch. Allows you to evaluate what data is on the disk.

2. Quick analysis of the file system

The analyzer examines the data on the disks and displays the results in a convenient diagram, helping to clarify which elements take up the most disk space on your PC.

3. Advanced features for users to have

Experience Experienced users can be flexible and research completely information about their media and delete unnecessary data.


Quick analysis of user files

Quick Test analyzes folders, documents, pictures, videos, music and other files and displays the occupied space on the disks.

Advanced analyzer

For advanced users, Files Inspector has an advanced parser that allows you to evaluate data in all files and folders on existing storage media.

Delete unnecessary data

Once you find unnecessary files or folders in the File Checker parser list, you can delete them without using Explorer or another tool to work with the file system.

Delete unnecessary files and folders

While researching the contents of the discs, you can delete unnecessary files and folders in a few clicks to free up space on the media in your computer.

Remove unnecessary applications Remove applications

Unnecessary is one of the important steps to freeing disk space. Applications can be removed directly through Files Inspector.


Files Inspector allows to delete files and folders. To prevent mistakes, all deleted items are placed in the Trash, from which they can be immediately recovered.


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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