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FileSeek Pro software overview Find files quickly:

FileSeek is a powerful program to quickly search for files on your computer. The developers write that their tools use multi-threaded technology for search, thus ensuring high speed. You can simultaneously put several search queries, as this has a system of tabs (only in Pro version), open as many you need and search. FileSeek can work with regular text and expressions to search for files, allowing you to get the most accurate search results inside the desired folder or specific file. If there are search queries that you often use, I recommend creating a profile and then quickly downloading it (Pro version only).


FileSeek Pro – Search for files quickly

There are some limitations in the free FileSeek version, for example you won’t be able to use tabs, meaning you can only search on one request, you can already export results to CSV and HTML, also, profiles are not available for saving and synchronizing settings.

FileSeek Pro’s simple yet efficient interface includes Search, Options and file list sections in the main interface. Searching begins by specifying a Path, by typing it directly or using the Browse or Browse and Join buttons.

FileSeek is easy to use yet powerful and you can do some complicated searches with it. However, there is no Help file, so if FileSeek seems a bit confusing or out of normal Windows user experience we recommend either to use the built-in tool or sample one of the many search solutions. auto out there. If you want a fast, flexible school tool that can find what you are looking for and you are not afraid to be a little more specific about it, we highly recommend FileSeek.

Features include Regular Express matching within any file type, searching the folder and all its subfolders, filtering results by last modified date and matching one or more file templates, like .jpg and file.txt.

FileSeek Pro 6.2.1 update content:

Fix: Addressed an issue that caused FileSeek to take a long time to open on some systems

Fix: The accelerator key (for example, Alt + Q to switch to the Query box) now works on the Search tab

Fix: Addressed issue where Date Filter was not applying correctly to the Directory in results


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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