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Fisheye Hemi 2.1.0

Fisheye-Hemi Photoshop plug-in for Adobe:

Fisheye-Hemi Photoshop Plug-in for Adobe is a set of plug-in support for Photoshop that allows viewing the entire hemisphere without distortion. Fisheye-Hemi plug-in supports Photoshop, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Fisheye Hemi offers a more casual look to more people by not deforming the face and body of them and aligning the vertical lines. Plugins Fisheye-Hemi have improved, the resolution of the images and display layouts thought and framed, the better the program does not warp the others.


Fisheye-Hemi Photoshop plug-in for Adobe

Another important function of Fisheye-Hemi is the clarity of the map. Assigned online you remove about a third of the pixels and cut to the center along the horizontal axis. Photographers purchase a lens for capturing up to 180 degrees. Most of the data deleted with regard to the rectum. Fisheye-Hemi almost all of the data that is pixel in this view. One look at the rectum will shrink the center of the picture are the most detailed. Fisheye-Hemi preserved this detail by using advanced math to preserve all of the content from the fish-eye photo first.


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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