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FontLab Studio Final

FontLab Studio Software Overview Font Design:

FontLab VI 7 is a software for creating, opening, modifying, drawing, space, kern, suggest and output changeable desktop, web, colors and fonts. FontLab VI is a comprehensive font editor, but also supports data interchange with other font creation tools, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflow.


FontLab VI: Drawing & Importing

Draw sketch-based drawings using the Brush, Pencil, Rapid, Pen, Ellipse and Rectangle tools, in a fractional coordinate space with the living circle as integer coordinates.
Use vertical and tilt grids, flexible guides, capture hints, and live measurement tools for accurate and consistent vector drawing.
Paste and import vector artwork, character sets or color bitmaps, and turn them into monochrome fonts through automatic customization, and into color fonts.
– Draw calligraphic text shapes using the PowerBrush tool directly, which can adjust, assign and extend brush strokes.

Edit each glyph for the font symbols

You can add notes for each glyph, remove glyphs from their respective font family, as well as use standard and advanced drawing tools to edit the glyph interface and perform connection editing, interpolation, and transitions. convert (eg curve to PostScript), optimize and align instructions.

FontLab VII 7 – Editing

  • Naturally edit block PostScript Bézier curves and quadratic TrueType curves, including overlapping open paths, using the Outline, Knife, Scissors, and Fill tools. Convert between curve types with adjustable precision.
  • Find and fix sketch problems with FontAudit. Automatically clean and optimize sketch drawings, balance segmentation and stress curve modification, harmonize G2 curvature, create and remove overlapping lines, apply non-destructive ink traps, and rounded corners.
  • – Automatically change weights, create contour versions, apply effects to outlines and bitmap images.

FontLab VII 7 – Synthetic materials

  • Mixed fonts, interpolate and extrapolate, generate intermediate weights and styles, build wide font families and variable OpenType fonts with intermediate fonts and glyph masters, and self masters Match the point compatibility outlines.

FontLab 7 – Variants

  • Mixed fonts, interpolation and extrapolation, generate intermediate weights and styles, create wide fonts and variable OpenType fonts with intermediate fonts and glyph masters, and auto masters In accordance with the point compatibility outline.

FontLab 7 – Spacing and Kerning

  • – Entire phrase and kern spaces according to the planned list of pairs. Apply track, modify width, sidebearings, and kerning globally or to selected glyphs.
  • Automatically or manually link indices between glyphs using complex expressions.
  • – Kern between classes and glyphs in a UFO and OpenType-compatible manner, with exceptions.
  • – Automatically build kerning classes.
  • – Automatically calculate metrics and kerning, or use autokerning suggestions when you manually kern.

FontLab VI 6 – Fonts
– Create, open, edit and export monochrome sketch fonts with single masters (desktop and web) and multiple themes (variables), color fonts (with polygons) editable color, SVG glyphs or bitmap glyphs).
Compare fonts, merge and divide font sets and font variations. Modify fonts, glyphs, metrics, font info and technique. Switch between font formats, improve the look of your desktop with automatic and manual suggestions. Swap font sources with other font generator applications.

FontLab 7 – Technology

  •  Full Unicode support.
  • – Improved creation of OpenType layouts with FEA and Adobe FDK formats for OpenType.
  • – Optimized KLTF’s Kern feature.
  • – World-Ready Engine Previewing HarfBuzz.
  • Windows desktop preview with genuine Microsoft ClearType (even on Mac).
  • Variations with MutatorMath and fontTools.varLib.

FontLab VII – Format

  • Open and export OpenType-PS / CFF (OTF), OpenType TT / TrueType (TTF), OpenType Variable TT (TTF + gvar), Open Color (TTF + SVG, + COLR, + CBDT, + sbix), PostScript Type 1 (PFB / PFA), web font (WOFF2, WOFF, EOT), FontLab (VFB, VFC, VFJ), UFO, design space.
  • – Also open BitFonter Photofont (PHF + PNG, + SVG), Font Editor (FOG), Glyphs, Ikarus and any of the above files in ZIP files. files.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]

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