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Free Download Adobe Bridge 2021 v11.0.0.83 for Win & macOS Pre-Activated

What is Adobe Bridge?

The Adobe Bridge is nothing but free and digital management of assets app which is again made by Adobe Systems and it was first released with the Adobe Creative Suite 2. This is a mandatory component of the Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe eLearning, and the Adobe Technical Communication Suite through nothing but the CS6. The thing about this Adobe Bridge is that it has a component that is optional and can be downloaded with the help of the Creative Cloud subscription. The Adobe Bridge has always been used to organize the files by just the process of renaming them in a group, all of them at ones, then assigning the colored labels and star ratings assigned to the files from the suitable Adobe software suite, edit the embedded or the associated XMP as well as the IPTC. Joint with Adobe Photoshop, the Adobe Bridge is also able to execute Photoshop’s compatible automation plug-in. This Adobe Bridge is very much customizable using JavaScript and the user can find the scripting guide online that is very much available and can be seen in the format of a paperback. The Adobe Bridge also permits the users to navigate to the folder of the images and allows the user to browse, organize, rank, filter, automate the process such as the resizing of the image, renaming, and the process of the batch, and so on. Adobe Bridge is not like Adobe Lightroom and it is not a system of the catalog. The Adobe Bridge CC is a software that allows the user to keep himself and the entire team organized. And with the help of this, the user can take advantage of and centralized the storage of the file and later batch the features that are individual and are time-consuming The CC which is in the name is for the Creative Cloud and the latest version is Adobe Bridge CC 2020.

Adobe Bridge Great Features:

The bridge is a File Browser: Adobe Bridge is a file browser and is very similar to the file browser in many ways that the user uses it with his computer. As seen and stated earlier, with the help of the bridge, the user can download the images from the camera or even the memory card. Apart from this, we can use the Bridge if we want to search and look for an image in the computer or the memory card, also the Bridge allows the users to copy the image or move it from one existing folder to another. With the help of the Bridge, the user can create new folders, rename these folders and even delete the folders and the images. Every function that was being performed by the operating systems now can be done with the help of the Adobe Bridge.

Bigger and Better Image Previews: With the change in the size of the thumbnails, the Adobe Bridge gives the user few ways to see and preview the changes that have been made. There is a Preview panel in the displays of the Adobe Bridge that shows the images in a larger preview as selected by the user. The main best feature of the Bridge is the Full-Screen Preview mode which lets the users instantly go to an entire screen view of the images desired by the users.

Image Review Mode: This feature in the Adobe Bridge allows the user to sort between a group or a range of images. This process makes it a lot easier to separate two types of keepers as well as the others. The review mode allows the users to quickly cycle through the photos and helps in keeping the ones that the user wants and drops the rest.

Adding Keywords and Copyright Information: Adobe Bridge allows the users to add copyright information that is very important to the photos and the user can later view and edit the entire range of the images and the additional information that is regarding the photos. With the help of the Bridge, the user can add keywords to the images which make it easier for the user to find these images when he needs them from the whole bunch.


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