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FRSFileMgr 6.3.1

FRSFileMgr software overview Computer Data Management:

FRSFileMgr is a software that manages drives, folders, and files present in the user’s computer system, easier to use than Windows Explorer, because it only manages files, folders and drives; do nothing else and rename a group of files (eg digital camera files). FRSFileMgr is integrated with Windows and will take care of the direct management of data in drives, folders, files. These objects are visualized and easy to follow. Information about the object is also displayed in detail and attached details.


FRSFileMgr – Computer data management

FRSFileMgr also offers many advanced features and is superior to Windows Explorer. Users can delete temporary files, share folders, make notes on folders, mark files / folders, access data on mobile devices, and much more. This is the best tool to support data management for users.

Main features of FRSFileMgr

  • Completely reverses virtually any file or directory changes.
  • Print the directory’s file list.
  • Add your own notes to files.
  • View main information in main window.
  • Mark files and / or folders that are commonly used for later recall.
  • Handy bookmark toolbar button.
  • View and, optionally, delete ALL temporary files.
  • Easily view and extract .zip files.
  • Create macros to perform actions over and over.
  • Original 64 bit version is available now.
  • NEW! Thoroughly integrated Document Center for quick access to additional information.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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