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FTPGetter Professional

Overview of FTPGetter Professional software Automated file downloads:

FTPGetter Professional is software that automates uploading and downloading files, allowing scheduling of file transfers between your computer and remote FTP and SFTP servers. If you regularly visit FTP / SFTP server to sync files between local and remote PC, to update website or upload webcam images, FTPGetter will save you a lot of time and effort. strength.

FTPGetter Professional comes with a built-in terminal emulator, allowing you to connect and execute commands on a remote server via a command line environment. Thanks to the terminal emulator, FTPGetter Professional users can access multiple servers that require terminal usage, perform file operations, navigate directory structures, and execute remote commands Easily.


FTPGetter Professional – Automated file downloads

In addition, the Synchronization Monitor of FTPGetter Professional automatically changes between the local and remote PCs and updates the information by synchronizing content between the two computers. FTPGetter automatically detects new files and updates and uploads or downloads scheduled changes.

FTPGetter automatically uploads and downloads FTP and SFTP, schedules FTP / SFTP transfers between remote server locations and your local or network workstations. Plan your workflow and set up your schedule just one time and FTPGetter will remove this habit! Choose a convenient time, choose a day of the week or choose a monthly day to migrate your data, and FTPGetter will reliably and punctually perform your transfer. The built-in cron scheduler allows for advanced programming scheduling.

Transfer multiple files between FTP / SFTP servers and local PCs by specifying the file mask. No need to guess what the filename will be! You can easily set only Office documents to update, or perform scheduled updates of all PHP or HTML files by specifying a set of file extensions. Batch processing using filename masks allows you to flexibly adjust the list of files to transfer. Combined with the built-in scheduler, batch processing makes FTPGetter a truly universal FTP / SFTP synchronization tool.

Even more automatic FTP and SFTP transfers! FTPGetter can execute custom commands and complete scripts before and after the transfer. Enabling complete automation of FTP / SFTP transfers, the tool can execute commands on local and remote PCs and execute FTP commands, batch files, and scripts. The support of local and remote commands allows automatic compression (tar + gzip), completely automatic transfer and decompression of a series of files and folders.

Connect directly to an FTP server or through an FTP, SOCKS or HTTP proxy server. FTPGetter fully supports secure SSL / TLS protocol, allowing the secure transmission of personal and sensitive information over the Internet without compromising security. Support for SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) ensures complete security for all file transfers.

FTPGetter Professional update content:

The official website did not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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