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GstarCAD Professional 2021Build 201015

Overview of software GstarCAD Professional Drawing Autocad 3D, drawing drawings:

Gstarsoft, the world’s leading provider of innovative CAD solutions, will launch GstarCAD 2019 SP2, a well-known alternative CAD software with high ACAD compatibility. With 27 years of continuous improvement and lean innovation, today GstarCAD has gone beyond performance, stability and other key metrics and become the leading CAD software in the world.


GstarCAD Professional – Leading CAD software

The optimized version GstarCAD 2019 comes with new and improved features to effectively shorten various tasks. GstarCAD 2019’s collaborative design caters to the current trend and it is the feature that is most talked about. The innovative DWG-based collaboration platform enables cross-team and departmental collaboration, enables designers / editors to work together more effectively on projects and significantly reduces design errors and cost. Meanwhile, based on new technologies such as incremental data storage and transmission, GstarCAD 2019 Collaborative Design is also deployed as a drawing version management system, making it easy to track and revert revisions before and identify design changes with just one click and ensure the design quality and overall accuracy of specific projects.

Another highlight of GstarCAD 2019 is the support of the IFC data format. Through data import and export support, large and complex BIM models can be imported and processed in GstarCAD 2019 and GstarCAD Architecture 2019 now. Founded in 1992, with more than 25 years of experience in the CAD business, Gstarsoft has acquired a large number of global users and partners through quality products and premium services. The worldwide distribution network covers more than 50 countries and most of our partners have more than 10 years of partnership with Gstarsoft. With 4 R&D centers and more than 150 software development professionals, Gstarsoft strives to streamline design processes and revolutionize the design industry by delivering more innovative CAD solutions to tools. new technology in the fast changing market.


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