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Overview HelpNDoc Personal software Create documentation:

HelpNDoc Personal Edition is a modern help editor with an intuitive user interface. Write or import your content and create more than 7 document formats including help files, web pages, manuals, documents, e-books. HelpNDoc comes with full source code for templates for creating online HTML documents or websites designed specifically for iPhone: everything is controlled by templates.


HelpNDoc – Editing tool

HelpNDoc features

Smart and beautiful user interface

  • HelpNDoc’s user interface has been carefully designed for clarity and efficiency: various tools are grouped together using a popular ribbon design first introduced by Microsoft Office: contextual elements like Image or table editing operations will appear only when needed. Simplify the overall experience.

Everything is integrated

  • All the tools needed to create great documentation are built right into HelpNDoc: content editor, WYSIWYG theme editor, keyword editor, and library are some of the features provided for great document writing ease and an integral part of the HelpNDoc environment.

Modern word processor

  • HelpNDoc includes a word processor that has many features that make you feel right at home right away: all the key power you would expect from a modern document editing application like Microsoft Word is part of it. HelpNDoc to make the most intuitive help and documentation easier than ever

Powerful media library system

  • All media elements such as images, videos, documents, HTML snippets, and variables are managed by the library: those media elements can be reused as much as needed throughout the document project. . Need to change an image? Just update the library directory and it will be propagated to all threads that use it.

Create multi-format documents

  • Whether you need to create compiled CHM help files, online full HTML documents, printable PDF or Word documents, or EBooks, HelpNDoc has you covered: write once and export to multiple formats only with one button.

Create multiple formats

  • Once you’ve written your document, HelpNDoc can automatically generate Microsoft CHM help files, standard HTML document pages, complete Word or PDF documents, cross-platform Qt Help, or the entire eBook without any additional work from your part: HelpNDoc will take care of everything and produce your documentation, guide or set the way you design it.

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