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Ignite Pro 4.1.9221.34279

Overview of Ignite Pro Professional Video Editing:

Ignite Pro is a great plugin from FXhome, after unzipping it, quick install, you will get almost two hundred of the highest layer’s preset effects, now you can safely integrate them. into Adobe After Effects and use it safely. In total, you’ll get around six hundred effects, presets, color correction tools and more, trust me it’s worth buying it, but with us you can download Ignite Pro for free, No purchase, unzip archive, no lock and unlock, install and use!


Ignite Pro – Professional video editing

Ignite Pro offers you over 180 plugins for software activation. With over 550 photo effects, and the best 360 ° filters. We can say this is a great software to create visual effects for Videos. Unleash the power of light at 360 ° with our new 360 ° Glow and Glow Darks filters. Create a radiant aura around the celestial bodies, or illuminate dark city skylines for that classic Blade Runner look.

Rotate your videos in all directions with Ignite Pro’s incredible 360 ​​° distortion effects. Transform ordinary video footage into wild, psychedelic images with effects like 360 ​​° Bulge and 360 ° Twirl. Close into fine details in panoramas with 360 ° Magnification.

Perfect for every action scene – Ignite Pro’s dedicated 3D muzzle flash engine combines a huge library of customizable effects. Realistic drag and drop muzzle, infinitely transforming flashes any weapon in your prop collection from any angle, and of any size.

Ignite Pro deformation effects come in four categories: Heat, Energy, Smoke & Distortion. Add industrial grit to your props and your environment with a jet exhaust, fire and hot proton beam, or create your own Narcissus reflection scene with liquid corrosive – perfect for creating a see through surface Liquid face in software.

Create stunning neon sign graphics out of a dystopian municipality or midair lodge. Simply add a neon effect to text and shape layers to create a life-like neon sign graphic that interacts with surrounding elements.Bonus: Neon Paths greatly reduce the time spent rotoscoping lightwords and laserbeams. After locating your keyword with the 4-point Auto effect, improve it with Flicker, foreground and background distortion for irregular edge, glowing, and path images.

Rotate and distort your footage to add that awesome element using Ignite Pro’s Vortex, Bezier, Perspective and Polar Warps Shifts. Flatten your action shots to match your traditional lenses or use Action Cam Lens Distort; makes it easy to stitch your composites directly onto footage captured with the action camera.


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