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IntelliLock Software Overview Licensing and Protecting .NET:

IntelliLockis a professional program that provides users with the most important and safe functions for licensing and protecting .NET, this is done either by creating trial versions of their programs or by turn trial versions into fully licensed versions. Hence, if you are a developer, see, a tool can be helpful. This tool allows you to add .NET assembly files to a list (EXE, DLL or XAP format files), choose a target location, and move the clusters up or down to change their order. The first set in the list is the primary set, and you can merge existing sets or block / protect them individually. The program offers strong encryption options (RSA,

One of the best features of this tool is that you do not need to add a separately licensed version for your add-on, as the trial and full version are identical (the only difference is the paper file permission). The advanced functions let you run your program without a license file, configure a dialog box, specify the name of the license, define an algorithm for generating device identifiers, and enter a primary key. IntelliLock includes a built-in license generator for creating valid license files and allows you to perform cloaking operations to hide source code, so it is difficult for people to open. The obfuscation process replaces the meaningful names assigned to classes, methods, properties, and variables with other alternatives. Besides,

The license dashboard offers users a convenient solution to track their customers, products and sales. You can back up the entire database to one file, restore or clean it, and manage your data on the ASP.NET server. Deciding to download IntelliLock, you will find that the program includes a number of tools that allow you to view license information from open license files, create device identifiers, disable stack tracking, and re-enable paper allowed.

Features of IntelliLock

  • Build trial versions of your software
  • – set an expiration date
  • – Limit usage to a certain number of days after installation
  • – Limited number of starts
  • – Limit usage per call to a set number of minutes.
  • – Limit your software usage to total minutes.
  • Custom Lock – Allows you to make custom trial restrictions
  • Easily turn your trial version into a fully licensed version using the license file
  • – Lock the license file on a specific computer using a hardware identifier
  • – License file key for specific assembly attributes (company name, assembly version …)
  • – Integrated license file. License files can also be stored as embedded resources in clusters.
  • Add user license data to license file (allows flexible license scheme, modular licensing …)
  • – Restrict the use of license files to extend the trial period, license / subscription expiration …
  • – Check / activate license files through your own license server.
  • Integrated license management
  • – Manage your products, customers, sales
  • – License tracking to track creation / license requests
  • Create ASP.NET Management Interface – Manage your data on an ASP.NET server
  • Database Integration – No special database required (MS SQL, Oracle …)
  • Software development kit
  • 100% Managed SDK Library
  • Integrate license verification into your assembly and increase licensing functionality
  • IntelliLock automatically integrates the main SDK library (IntelliLock.Licensing.dll) with your combination
  • – Create license file – Automate the creation of license file
  • – Create device identifier
  • – Expanding licensing features
  • Disable / Re-enable license files (via license server or reactivation code)
  • – Use your own dialog to display messages
  • – Data encryption / decryption helper class, data signature / verification to support custom licensing algorithms
  • License management classes for managing your data on an ASP.NET server (data is stored using an integrated database).
  • Support declaration for obfuscation
  • Strong military grade encryption using transparent encryption methods (strong RSA encryption)
  • Integrate Visual Studio 2005/2008 through the IntelliLock add-in for automation
  • Consolidation / Functionality Packing
  • Protect the association
  • Comprehensive obfuscation feature
  • – String encryption
  • – Protection hack
  • Inhibits ILDASM
  • – Strong name removal protection
  • – Coding IL code
  • – Flow control
  • Invalid metadata injection
  • Full support for 64-bit builds
  • Ability to lock / unlock / protect your boards without adding a single line of code
  • Command line support
  • Intuitive graphical user interface

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