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Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise

Longtion software overview AutoRun Pro Enterprise Create multimedia applications:

Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise is a fast, complete application development (RAD) tool for creating interactive multimedia applications for Windows – no programming required. You are not a programmer, but with AutoRun Pro Enterprise, you will feel like one. Although it is easy to learn and use, it has everything you need to develop professional software applications!

Do you want to distribute your product or company presentation, electronic document or electronic product on a removable storage device such as a CD, DVD, or USB? You can create CD autorun menu now and publish your presentations, documents, files, and software ,. on removable media like CD, DVD and USB. Using AutoRun Pro Enterprise, you can create attractive and professional CD menus for CD or DVD and front menu for USB stick (USB flash drive).


Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise – Create multimedia applications

Longtion AutoRun Pro Enterprise functions

AutoRun Pro Enterprise makes it easy for anyone to create professional CD-ROM / DVD-ROM autorun menus. With its easy-to-use intuitive design environment, you don’t need to know anything about computer programming. If you can use a mouse, you can create interactive multimedia applications with AutoRun Pro Enterprise.

AutoRun Pro Enterprise has a completely intuitive drag and drop environment. Just add content like photos, videos, music, and text to your form and position them with your mouse. We’ve even included a lot of extra content like wallpapers, dashboards, buttons, sound effects and more to get you started. From opening documents, to running programs, viewing web pages and sending email, couldn’t have been easier!

AutoRun Pro Enterprise includes 40 built-in object types. You simply add them to a form and then edit their ‘properties’ and ‘events’ to customize them the way you want. You will be able to layout the graphical user interface as fast as you can drag and drop!


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