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Macabacus for Microsoft Office 8.11.9

Macabacus for Microsoft Office software overview Microsoft Office Accessibility Suite:

Macabacus for Microsoft Office includes the top productivity add- ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, the most complete and highest quality Microsoft. Office of productivity supplements for finance and other professionals. Build a more efficient financial model & presentation – Save 80% + time on regular tasks.


Main features Macabacus for Microsoft Office

  • Electrical Modeling Tools – Advanced Tools
  • Audit
  • Chart tools
  • Dozens of keyboards
  • Shortcut key
  • Reliable link to Excel
  • Table of Contents / Program Automation
  • Check out the presentation for mistakes
  • Shared and content
  • Sample library
  • Find and navigate
  • Easier
  • Optimize a workbook
  • Extensive customization
  • Enterprise deployment

Minimize errors with our best powerful testing tool – absolutely essential for users

  • Easily navigate formula input across spreadsheets and workbooks, using just the keyboard
  • Similar to cell dependency navigation, showing you the formulas and graphs the tested cell is driving.
  • Learn about precedent / dependents using tree-based navigation to help you understand everything in your formula
  • Analyze partially complex formulas to see which part of the formula contributes to the overall result

Improve presentation quality and avoid mistakes

  • Check the slide for formatting, layout, content, and grammatical errors and inconsistencies before sending the presentation to the client or printing
  • Improve your company’s compliance with design standards and branding
  • More than 100 checks for issues like unclear dashes and abbreviations, missing captions, palette deviation, incorrect bullet formatting, missing punctuation, missing chart labels, distortion images and more
  • Unlike other solutions, Macabacus tests Charts and Smart Art
  • See specifically address the issues and how often they happen when a discrepancy is not found
  • Solve problems with custom menu fixes that highlight governing conventions in your presentation to help you choose the fix

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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