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Merrick MARS 2019.2

Merrick MARS software overview LiDAR data analysis:

Merrick MARS is data analysis, light and range detection (LiDAR), digital orthopedic, ultrasonic imaging and geographic information systems (GIS) data integration. This is a coordinated reference system between the input LAS files and any shapefile files (such as tiles and border layouts). Wrong matches that cause a previous issue will generate a warning message for the option to continue (with the possibility of incomplete or incorrect results) or stop processing.


Merrick MARS – LiDAR data analysis

ARS® is a powerful standalone Windows application designed to visualize, manage, process, and analyze LiDAR point cloud data. It is functional and accessible for both new users and experienced data production professionals and performance and stability.

Features of Merrick MARS

  • Unlimited data download capabilities for aerial, terrestrial and mobile LiDAR datasets
  • LiDAR vectors, images and GIS are supported
  • Manufactures series of digital surface patterns and elevation contours
  • LiDAR automatic quality control module
  • Multi-threaded data processing
  • 31 LiDAR data filtering algorithms and 20 data export formats.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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