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midas Gen 2019 version 2.2 (build 20190419)

Overview of midas Gen software Structure Analysis:

The MIDAS team, which develops and distributes engineering software, has released an update for midas Gen 2019, which is a general purpose structural analysis and optimal design system. Intuitive user interface, modern computer graphics and powerful solver are some highlights of midas Gen .

Modern structural design codes require a variety of analyzers to be performed to meet local design standards. Although many structured software programs have been developed to support these various analyzes, they are generally not capable of handling every type of analysis required. This has led many engineers to rely on many specialized programs and systems.


midas Gen 2019 – Structural analysis

One of the most powerful advantages of midas Gen is its ability to handle all kinds of structural analysis. The capabilities of midas Gen include: construction phase analysis to study time-dependent material properties and construction sequence, p-delta analysis to compute secondary moments and deviations, deflection analysis to calculate failure modes and compressive strength limits and material nonlinear analysis for displacement limit test.

midas Gen is also equipped with advanced functions for seismic analysis. It is equipped to perform push analysis as well as conventional reaction spectrum analysis and advanced time history analysis. Therefore, it is the software of choice for structural engineers in seismic regions. Finally, you can apply midas Gen not only to buildings, but also to all types of structures like industrial plants, stadiums, gymnasiums, airports, and social infrastructure. Midas Gen’s remarkable analytical flexibility ensures that you’ll be able to handle any type of structural design project you will encounter. Many leading engineering companies have used midas Gen to expand the range of the types of projects they pursue. It has also been used as their primary tool for structural analysis, thus allowing them to provide consistent training to engineers effectively. This has made it much easier for engineers to work together on a universal design platform than some specialized and incompatible programs.

MIDAS develops and distributes engineering software and provides total solution services for civil engineering and mechanical engineering and construction. We hold the world’s leading technology in core technical analysis areas such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis, and optimal design. MIDAS family programs have been applied to all engineering and industrial applications for safety and economic feasibility analysis and they account for the largest share in the construction sector of the world. MIDAS has a development vision as a global developer and distributor of technical solutions. MIDAS will continuously devote itself to creating world standard technology.

MIDAS IT completed difficult tasks, overcame the difficult environment of CAE industry in Korea. By using our own engineering simulation technology through high-tech graphics, we have grown to be the world’s largest provider of CAE software solutions.


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