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Movienizer 10.2 Build 602

Movienizer software overview Efficiently manage movie information:

Movienizer is a software that searches and adds more information about the movies in your movie collection to better manage it. Movienizer allows users to add a movie to the program’s management collection. Adding movies and collection will help users get full information about the movie because the program has the ability to automatically find information as soon as the movie is imported into the collection. Users will get useful information such as full name, genre, year of release, main actor.


Movienizer – Manage movie information effectively

If you use Movienizer, the movie catalog program, you’ll always know where on the shelf or on your hard drive one can find a particular movie, the tracks, the subtitles, and other parameters it has. . After adding a movie to Movienizer, you will always remember if you watched it, what the movie was about and how you liked it. A quick glance at the movie description and footage from the movie should suffice. Pictures can be added automatically from the corresponding file or DVD.

In addition, Movienizer also has the ability to search and display other movies that the actor’s name is being clicked on. From there, you can capture most of the movies of your favorite actors so you can download and watch directly on your computer.

Features of Movienizer

  • Ability to display movie information right after being clicked on the show’s movie collection.
  • Support to download comments or reviews of experts, newspapers …
  • Search and display movie titles when you click on the actors’ names.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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