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My Visual Database 6.4

Overview of My Visual Database software to build a database:

My Visual Database is a simple and effective tool for building simple database applications. There is always no need for programming knowledge to build new applications, especially if your program isn’t complex. For example, let’s say you own a store and plan to create an app to record customer information or store items. Yes, here’s a very simple scenario. You can create such a program and other similar programs without any programming knowledge, with this software.


My Visual Database – Building a database

The functionality of this My Visual Database application is very simple. You create information forms where you need to enter information by setting labels, buttons, info boxes, calendars, etc., and you can use what’s happening to specify what will happen. For example, what happens when the user clicks the button. Whether or not enter search terms when they search for results, they will be displayed. All of this is predicted in this app and you get the final program by following different steps.

Windows applications are distributed completely independently and require no installation and support for components and software and do not even need to be installed. You can easily copy this exe file to your flash drive and run it in any location. This is an ideal choice for beginners or those who are not working professionally and want to create the right program for their basic needs in the shortest possible time. With this tool, you can create applications such as contacts, customer information, product information, student information, travel agency information, expense records, and more.

Main features of My Visual Database

  • Nice and clean graphic environment with easy operation

  • The visual design of the required program forms
  • An easy definition of events and relationships between forms and program elements
  • Run the program quickly and easily while you build
  • There is no need to install external programs without depending on party software

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]

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