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Navicat for MySQL 15.0.21

Overview of Navicat for MySQL Software Database Management for MySQL and MariaDB:

Navicat for MySQL is a comprehensive and powerful database management software for MySQL and MariaDB, providing an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI), allowing you to manage database development and maintenance Whether. The software also offers a set of powerful utilities suitable for both advanced and novice MySQL / MariaDB developers. Navicat for MySQL has the ability to connect to remote or local MySQL and MariaDB servers. For MySQL, database servers starting from version 3.21 are supported. For MariaDB, the app is compatible with version 5.1 and up. In addition, this software solution provides support for OurDelta Server, Drijection, and Percona, accepting the majority of the latest features, including Functions / Processes, Events, Tables, Views, etc.


Navicat for MySQL – Database management for MySQL and MariaDB

Navicat provides users with Navicat Cloud service. Sync your virtual groups, settings, queries, and connectivity models to the cloud so you have real-time access to them anywhere and anytime. With Navicat Cloud, you can influence every minute of the day to improve your productivity. Navicat allows you to conduct secure SSH sessions over SSH Tunneling, ensuring strong authentication and secure encryption between two servers. Authentication techniques can use passwords or public and private key pairs. Navicat also comes with HTTP Tunneling, which allows you to bypass your ISP’s restrictions on direct database server connections.
Navicat for MySQL integrates a number of useful utilities, such as Data Transfer, Import / Export, Data Modeling Engine, SQL Generator and Editor, Reports, Data / Structures Synchronization and more and more.

Features of Navicat for MySQL

  • Seamless data migration
  • Diverse manipulation tools
  • Editing SQL is easy
  • Smart database designer
  • Increase your productivity
  • Makes collaboration easy
  • Advanced secure connection.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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