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Network Notepad Professional 1.3.62

Overview of Network Notepad Professional software Network diagram design:

Network Notepad Professional is a software tool built to help you design network diagrams and save them for analysis and safety protection. Network Notepad is a major rewrite in Microsoft .NET, so it provides better compatibility and stability with Windows operating systems.


Network Notepad Professional – Network schematic design

Basic Features of Network Notepad

  • Tagged multipage map.
  • Improved graphics.
  • Custom Shape.
  • Grouping and locking.
  • Rotate objects and text.

New features in Network Notepad Professional

  • Compatibility with windows operating system
  • Zoom – Work with and edit diagrams at all zoom levels.
  • Resolution – Draft, Fine and Superfine modes for improved graphics and printing.
  • Rotate – Rotate text and rotate the object to any angle. Drag and rotate.
  • Workspaces – Support for larger workspaces / larger schematics bitmaps
  • Multi-Page Diagram – Add as many pages to your diagrams / documents as you want, and get to them instantly using the on-screen page tabs.
  • Custom Shape – Create your own custom shape inside Network Notepad Professional Edition.
  • Grouping and locking – Combine two or more objects to create composite objects.
  • Auto-align links – Can be enabled for the link type or for a separate link so that the link is kept horizontally and vertically.
  • Library search – Find objects in all your libraries using keywords. Save the results as a new gallery.
  • Advanced Link Type – New Curve and Lightning Link Style
  • Sample diagrams – When you start a new diagram, choose from a list of templates to set the page size, orientation, alignment style, and any default drawings such as title blocks and borders.
  • Unlimited user-defined “button” function + 10 separate tool sets.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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