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Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection

Overview of software Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection Management of music catalogs:

Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection is the most comprehensive music catalog software designed to organize and manage music collections in any form, including CDs, MP3 files or vinyl recordings. This music organizer lets you create an ordered CD database and view its contents, even when the disc is on a shelf or being borrowed by a friend of yours. Now you may forget about creating a music database on a sheet of paper, in Excel or a text file. Just insert a disc, scan the barcode or import a title and My Music Collection pulls all album information from the Internet, including artist, title, year of release, country, song title and photo cover …


Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection – Management of music catalogs

Features of Nuclear Coffee My Music Collection

  • Automatically add any media type. With My Music Collection you can add any type of media to your collection, including CDs, vinyl (LP), mini discs, MP3 audio files, or even cassettes.
  • Add albums simply by inserting a CD. Just insert the CD into the CD driver and this music organizer will automatically add it to your collection and receive all the CD data from the Internet.
  • Add album CD by reading bar code. To add an album to your collection, simply scan the barcode on the gem box with the barcode reader.
  • Manually add albums. To add a cassette tape or vinyl record, you can enter all of the information in the respective fields and select a cover photo from a folder on your computer.
  • Keep track of borrowed albums. Now you will know who borrowed the album, when it was borrowed and when it will be returned to you.
  • Get information about CDs from the Internet. This CD inventory software will automatically download album information from the Internet, including artist, title, release date, cover, etc. In addition, you can select which database to search.
  • Using online database. All information on CD, Vinyl can be obtained from MusicBrainz, Amazon, Discogs.
  • Create a wish list. This CD organizer allows you to create a list of the items you want to buy.
  • Search for albums by a keyword. It’s really easy to find albums in your collection – just enter keywords and select the fields to search.
  • Organize items in your collection. Sort albums or track alphabetically, chronologically or by any other field.
  • Filters and album groups in My Music Collection. Filter and group albums or track alphabetically, by time or by any other field.
  • Print list or export it to multiple formats. My Music Collection allows you to print a report or save it as HTML, Excel, PDF, text file or XML file.
  • View statistics for your music collection. CD archiving software also allows you to view collected statistics and generate reports. The report shows total statistics for your collection, and allows you to view collection data grouped by different values ​​(by artist, by year of publication, by genre, by country. family, etc.).
  • Customizing My Music Collection is easy. You can change the application interface, screen layout, choose a gallery view, adjust toolbars, or add and remove fields.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface. This CD catalog software has a user-friendly and intuitive interface allowing you to perform all operations easily and efficiently.

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