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OpenCanvas 7.0.25

Window in OpenCanvas Crack Drawing:

Dedicated to OpenCanvas Li software, the window tools and workflows are best suited for beginners. openCanvas is a record and player process only with basic performance and “events” of higher functions. The versatility and great performance of openCanvas is the creativity of powerful visualization.



OpenCanvas-Window in Drawing Tool

Function of OpenCanvas

  • Many different painting tools.
  • Filter: A complex expression that can display multiple functions.
  • Not only transform, but also called scale and rotation
  • There are endless possibilities for 22 types of modes.
  • Text editable layer random.
  • Tool control display (movement//rotation scale)
  • openCanvas compatible PSD format (Photoshop).
  • Recorder and playback process.

Content update OpenCanvas7.0.25:

Bug fixes

  • An error in installing space in the task has been fixed.
  • An error has been corrected in pre-installation files to revert to functionality.

Spceify change

  • The color swatch of feature file conversion has been restored.
  • Tool handle ca has been improved.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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