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Pano2VR Pro 6.1.10

Pano2VR Pro software overview Create virtual tour photos:

Pano2VR Pro is Software that helps you to create travel photos . Pano2VR quickly publishes travel panoramas in a snap. Pano2VR will help you quickly get your project up and running on desktop as well as mobile devices. The Pano2VR provides an easy way to add and edit existing panoramas and tours to Google Street View. Once you’ve connected your account, you’ll see all the tours and panoramas you’ve uploaded to Google Street View. You can continue to add to your gallery or even download existing images.


Pano2VR Pro – Create virtual tour photos

After creating the travel photos, you will easily export your panoramas as HTML5, Flash or QuickTime VR format or use our handy plugins to post them directly to the WordPress website, Joomla or your Drupal. Pano2VR will also help you to convert your images into different projections for printing.

Key features of Pano2VR Pro

  • Gigapixel support is improved with multi-tile resolution
  • Fast downloads for tours with over 10,000 buttons
  • Customizable flying effects
  • Custom map tiles
  • Filtered action
  • Flash and QuickTime output are no longer supported
  • Support for WebVR
  • External javascript and CSS files (like Google Fonts) can easily be added to the interface
  • Buttons can now be arranged in Tour Browser
  • The Street View browser can connect buttons to external PhotoIDs / Tours
  • Export all clips as separate videos in animation
  • Use the Go Back One Node skin action to get back around

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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