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PentaLogix ViewMate Pro 11.18.1

PentaLogix ViewMate Pro software overview View and convert DXF files:

PentaLogix ViewMate Pro is software to view, edit and convert DXF files to other formats like Gerber. Using ViewMate Pro , with intelligent DFM you can check the data for a series of breaches. And not just one class at a time! Multiple violations, multiple layers with fast and accurate results. The system provides an ASCII error report, and in addition, creates a Gerber file that helps to fix the plot files quickly.


PentaLogix ViewMate Pro – View and convert DXF files

ViewMate Pro , with intelligent DFM integrated many features; Circular interpolation, D-code modifications, merge aperture lists, move data, align layers, enter text in any size and position. ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, is capable of handling even the most complex of data.

No more guessing what your circuit board will look like. No more waiting for visual schematics or worse, your prototype circuit board, to see your real design. With ViewMate Pro, with intelligent DFM you can rest assured that the capabilities you need for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges will be there when you need them.

PentaLogix ViewMate Pro Features

  • DFM intelligently designs automatically to check production and correctness
  • DXF File Converter
  • Import multiple net-list formats
  • Easily Quote boards and order circuits in your design
  • Copper calculates the area
  • Automatically vent & steal tables
  • Clean up function
  • One year free technical support

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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