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PHPRunner v10.3.Build.33761

PHPRunner software overview Build the best PHP website:

PHPRunner builds a visually appealing web interface for any local or remote MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Postgre, and Oracle databases. A convenient and simple program will create multiple PHP pages to access and change any local or remote database like MySQL. First of all, the software is made for web developers who need to create different PHP pages to modify any local or remote databases.

The program allows you to create a complete web application with several websites linked together. Regardless of which database you want to connect to, e.g. MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or SQLite, the app will guide you through all the necessary steps to create the required files. In addition, if you do not have a database, the utility will help you create a new database.


PHPRunner – Build the best PHP website

With PHPRunner instantly, you get a complete web application with a set of web pages linked together. All pages are professionally designed but highly customizable and offer a wide range of functions. PHPRunner will make your website unique! PHPRunner gives you a variety of website layouts, color palettes, and advanced WYSIWYG visual editor that gives you all the tools you need to customize the visual appearance of every page with easy drag and drop. .

You’ll be able to password-protect access to your web applications with the very flexible yet powerful permission and security that comes with PHPRunner right away. You can choose a level of detail and sophistication to protect your content. Regardless of your business needs with our software, your information is well kept confidential.

After specifying the project name and setting up the database that you want to connect, the software will display all available tables in the left panel. Therefore, you can view all available reports, charts, and tables to map them using their primary keys. The next step allows you to add new tables and group them however you want, or write the SQL scripts manually. Furthermore, PHPRunner provides a large number of templates, you can choose and configure the one you need. All are easy to use and fully integrated. Hence, you can choose the template you’re interested in and use it as your own website or integrate it with other web apps.

Features of PHPRunner

  • Various color and layout themes
  • Multiple application templates with complete graphical interface and database: shopping cart, calendar, classified ad, car, etc.
  • View, add, edit, delete, search, export, and print pages out of the box
  • Very easy to use, you can create your first PHP website in just a few minutes
  • No programming required
  • Built-in FTP client for uploading PHP pages to Web server
  • WYSIWYG Visual Editor with drag and drop capabilities
  • Multi-language template. Ability to select language while login
  • Supporting images and materials
  • Easy integration with existing website
  • Build powerful reports and graphs
  • Rich text editor controls
  • Strong website password protection
  • User self-registration, password prompt and change of password page
  • Flexible group rights
  • Install dynamic licensing online
  • CAPTCHA protection
  • Encrypt the password and confirm the strength.


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