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Prevent Restore Pro 2020.04

Prevent Restore Pro software overview Prevent recovering deleted files:

Prevent Restore Pro is software that prevents the recovery of deleted files from any drive: external and internal hard drives, SSD hard drives, Flash drives, except CD-ROM and CD-RW. The software uses a lot of security algorithms that can be used to destroy data.Our program includes some of the most reliable and accepted standards.


Prevent Restore Pro – Prevent recovering deleted files

Prevent Restore Pro features

Mode for quick cleaning

  • In this mode, the program will not overwrite the free space of the disk. Only links to files deleted from the file allocation table will be destroyed. This mode is fast and data can only be recovered by lengthy analysis of all disks, and cluster analysis.

Delete the contents of the paging file

  • This option lets you delete Windows paging files that can save passwords, browse data, and everything else.

Access to defragment utility

  • We’ll give you access to the defragmentation utility, to make your discs perform faster.

Automatically shutdown computer when finished

  • Since the data destruction can take a few hours this option is very convenient, so you can leave your PC.

Quick help

  • Priority support during business hours by e-mail

Disable updates

  • You can turn off automatic search and notification about new versions.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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