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ProDAD Erazr software overview Remove objects from video:

proDAD Erazr removes unwanted objects from video – quickly and easily! Erazr can do magic – all done automatically in the shortest possible time, without any manual effort! Erazr is an ideal tool for professional and holiday shooters, for YouTube users and sophisticated videographers alike.

– How often in the past have you been upset about ruined recordings because someone was walking over pictures of you or other disturbing objects had gotten in view. With Erazr, you will make disturbing objects invisible to you, saving you unrepeatable moments and precious memories.

Erazr is an ideal tool for professional and holiday shooters, for YouTube users and sophisticated cinematographers alike. Erazr is a real problem elimination whenever something gets on your frame that could either distract the viewer or simply don’t belong there. Most of the time glitches become apparent while editing – when there’s no more chance for a second.


proDAD Erazr – Fastest removal of unwanted objects

– We recommend that you take the time to thoroughly test the free trial version of Erazr. You will then soon develop a sense of how to apply the best solutions and what kind of shot is the optimal fit. Compared to a conventional and imperfect copy of the seal and other time-intensive and intensive replacement methods as outlined in the NLE program, Erazr’s advanced technology offers better quality over a period of time. short. By attaching optional USB input devices, the workflow can be enhanced even further.

What is proDAD Erazr?

– Erase timing for a quick process
– Easily trim clips
– Mark objects easily –
Track objects manually & automatically
– Comprehensive frame support
– Support optional input devices (like USB pedal)
– Effects preview window before file export
– Upload directly on YouTube if desired
– Compatible with all frame rates (24p / 25p / 30p / 50p / 60p and above)
– Support support maximum resolution (and included) 8K


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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