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Schoolhouse Test Professional software overview Create and print a test:

Schoolhouse Test Professional is the software to create and print a paper and pencil quiz, quiz or quiz, has never been easier. Schoolhouse Test makes a time-consuming job a lot easier and the results are significantly more professional. Some of our clients have even suggested that creating tests with Schoolhouse Test can actually be an enjoyable process. If you are looking for a professional test generator that makes quick work in creating paper and pen tests, quizzes, and exams then Schoolhouse Test is the program for you.


Schoolhouse Test Professional – Create and print a quiz

The 5th edition, Schoolhouse Test 5 brings high resolution screen, multi-question, extended reference, advanced print manager, group, solution view and more.

Features of Schoolhouse Test Pro

  • Using the Integrated Question Bank (Pro version), you can easily combine questions from one quiz with questions from other quizzes for the final exam or final exam. period.
  • With Schoolhouse Test, you can design custom tests and questions to gauge learning in any subject using thirteen different question types:
    • – multiple-choice
    • – filling in the blank
    • – joints
    • – short answer
    • – list
    • – checklist
    • – board
    • – list with reminder
    • – the order
    • – right-wrong
    • – essay
    • – diagram
    • – statement
  • Schoolhouse Test is a very easy-to-use and very intuitive testing tool
  • New in this major release are the high resolution display, multi-question, extended reference, advanced print manager, group, solution view, right-to-left layout, and more more
  • Schoolhouse Test 5 offers 4K resolution
  • Most new questions come in when a single overarching question or topic has multiple sections that are best suited for your test
  • offers easy printing, all in one place
  • A handy text editor now provided for advanced text editing for all text-based question elements
  • The new open file function provides a detailed view of your recent test documents as well as all of your test documents in a specific folder.
  • New grouping capabilities allow to easily organize and manage your test documents. Just add a Start Group element before a question group and other elements you want to control as cohesive group
  • Solution View is an advanced test answer key developed for instructors who want to include hidden text and notes as follow-up information.
  • Just right click to open the context menu and choose Add hidden text or use Ctrl + H key combination
  • The Questionnaire on the Schoolhouse 5 Test has received a number of major improvements. Answer cells no longer have to be specified for the entire row or column
  • Multiple choice questions now include the option to set the number of columns of choice for each question on an individual basis.
  • The Schoolhouse 5 test now comes with the ability to report.

Content updates Schoolhouse Test Professional

  • Major: Fixed issue where answer line spacing did not respond to optional changes.
  • Multi: Added a Design View option to keep each section (question and answer) in the same column and page.
  • Major: Line of text improved across columns and pages when the new Keep Part Together option isn’t selected.
  • Solved application loading error on some systems when calculating the rate.
  • Additional issues and bugs resolved.

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