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Scientific Notebook 6.0.29

Scientific Notebook Software Overview Math Text Processing:

Scientific Notebook is a powerful mathematical word processing system that supports math teaching, learning, discovery, and communication. Users can create compelling documents containing text, math and graphics perfectly and easily with Scientific Notebook 6. The embedded MuPAD 5® calculator algebra tool allows users to perform on-screen calculations. images and print them in the correct format. There is no complex syntax to master to evaluate, simplify, solve, or describe mathematical expressions. You can calculate symbolically or numerically, integrate, differentiate, and solve algebraic and differential equations. With menu commands, you can do calculations with more than 150 physical units of measure.


With Scientific Notebook 6, you can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional descriptions in a variety of styles and coordinate systems, and enhance descriptions with background colors, grid lines, and descriptive labels in specified locations and directions. You can animate these types of Description: 2D description in polar coordinates; 2D and 3D description in rectangular coordinates; 2D and 3D implicit description; 2D and 3D vector fields; 3D tube description; 3D description in cylindrical coordinates; and 3D Description in spherical coordinates and vector fields.

Description can be viewed on screen with playback toolbar controls. Use mouse to start, stop, replay and loop animations. You can define an animation variable t for your Description and specify an animation start and end time and frame rate per second. With OpenGL 3D graphics, you can rotate, move, zoom in and out, and fly over 3D Descriptions.


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