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Scientific Word 6.0.29

Scientific Word software overview Enter text and mathematical formulas:

Scientific Word is software that assists users in entering text and math formulas in a word processing system . Using Scientific Word you can save or export your documents in a variety of formats, according to your publishing needs and portability. Your documents are saved as xml files making them fully portable across platforms. Sharing your work with colleagues is easier than ever.


Additionally, you can create math and science documents with ease, combining text and math in a fully integrated environment. Scientific Word 6 allows you to compose and edit complex documents directly on screen without thinking in any programming language.

Scientific Word features

  • Compatibility with other software and systems
  • A rich interface based on a fair split between content and appearance
  • Add text and math in the most natural way.
  • The ability to organize complex technical documents with LATEX
  • Meets industry standards for math and scientific publishing.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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