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Scientific WorkPlace 6.0.29

Overview of Scientific WorkPlace software for Mathematical Text Processing and Sorting:

Scientific WorkPlace is software that makes writing, sharing, and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier. Scientific WorkPlace is an easy-to-use word processor that integrates math and text in the same environment. Embedding MuPAD 5® mechanical algebraic calculators in scientific work environments 6 allows the user to perform calculations on the screen, and print them in the correct format.

For Version 6, you have a choice of operating system: Windows® or macOS®. With an entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, Version 6 offers more flexibility; You can save or export your documents in a variety of formats according to your publishing needs and portability.


Science WorkPlace 6 continues to be the prelude to the LATEX typesetting program, used to type complex technical documents. This means you don’t have to learn LATEX syntax. Due to its outstanding accuracy and quality, LATEX is the gold standard for publishers and authors of scientific articles and books.

As you type, LATEX automatically creates comments, indexes, folders, table of contents, and cross references. This software includes document covers designed to meet the typesetting requirements of specific professional journals and organizations. Science WorkPlace 6 automatically saves your document as an XML file. This makes them fully mobile across platforms. Sharing your work with colleagues is easy and seamless.


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