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Serato DJ Pro 2.4.4 Build 81

Serato DJ Pro MIX software overview Professional DJ music:

Serato DJ Pro is a professional DJ music mixing software that supports sound effects and combines to create Amazing DJ music. Serato DJ Pro supports sound effects like Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Echo, PingPong Delay, Phaser, Distortion, High and Low Pass Filter, as well as their combinations. Full MIDI support, carried out in the program, provides program and controller adaptability for any need. It allows you to use two to four decks at the same time. The Serato DJ program supports an impressive CUE score, up to eight.


Serato DJ Pro

With Serato DJ, you can also record mixes. Loops are represented in three types – manual, automatic and loop-through, and support for auto-sync and automatic tempo detection will produce more soft transitions. Using these functions will also shorten progress adjustment time. Serato DJ file manager assists with working with smart and regular charts and playlists. Connection is made according to Plug & Play principle, which requires significantly reduced setup time. Serato DJ also supports great visuals of sound through Waveforms technology. Serato DJ program integrates ITCH, DJ Intro, Scratch Live and iTunes Music libraries. In addition, Serato DJ supports the Video Serato plug-in.

Features support recording and iTunes

Serato DJ Pro is equipped with recording function. Also, another interesting fact about this tool is the support for the iTunes library it offers users. In case you want to make the mixes even more interesting, you can use the expansion pack and add, for example, video to audio to make the whole experience a little more engaging for those who will Enjoy the performance.

Serato DJ Pro Features:

Serato DJ allows you to mix two tracks together without the need for hardware connection.

According to the developers, this mode will help DJs test their setup anywhere, even if they don’t have a controller at hand.

In addition to the new mode, the update Serato DJ 2.0 adds a new “Performance” interface to the show, rendering the checkpoints in a more understandable way.

Serato DJ Pro comes in the form of a 64-bit application, and Serato claims that the size of the current library is virtually unlimited and depends only on the volume of your computer’s hard drive.

The Serato program interface is optimized for high resolution displays, including 4K, UHD and Retina displays.


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