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SimpleMind Desktop Pro 1.27.0 Build 5976

SimpleMind Desktop Pro software overview Draw mind map:

SimpleMind Desktop Pro is a great software tool for brainstorming sessions. You sit with friends and discuss different ideas. Anyone who tells you, you for some reason reject your idea and come up with another idea. Discuss challenges. Note important points. But where? It works on paper, but it has many limitations, for example: you cannot attach images, you cannot save audio files of ideas, you cannot easily make necessary edits.


SimpleMind Desktop Pro – Draw mind maps

With SimpleMind, all these problems are solved. You have a very large infinite page. Each member of your advisory team has an idea. Immediately join the program. Other members work on other topics as they relate to the idea, you can link them to the idea, you can capture challenges. You can save audio files as well as related information. Different fonts and colors can be used, which is not possible or at least difficult on paper.

SimpleMind Desktop also helps you to manage and organize mind maps in a directory, search for maps by keyword or by text. The created data files will be synchronized on the devices using this software (on mobile platforms, for example). You are also allowed to share maps in different file formats, print and place the entire mind map on a device with clipboard, support importing and exporting maps in the archive …

At any time, you can modify the information stored on the page. You can move an item from one branch to another. There is a possibility to categorize the articles in question. It’s easy to search for all text within saved content. From anywhere, you can print, and ultimately the show is a good place to jot down ideas and thoughts during a storm. The program’s graphical interface is simple and away from unnecessary complexity, and members can work together with the program together, and in the end all ideas are combined in one central place. center.

SimpleMind Desktop Pro Features

  • Design a quick mind map
  • Extensive support tools included
  • Allows inserting links and images into diagrams
  • Export maps in various formats
  • Organize and manage maps
  • Share ideas to a cloud service.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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