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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 15.2 Build 1554

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Software Overview Information Management:

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is an exceptional tool with advanced capabilities and a rich feature set to help manage information and innovate in today’s complex and demanding environments. With significantly lower prices than competitive engines.


Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect – Information Management

Functions of Enterprise Architect

Fast track of your vision

  • No hold or delay – everything is included, everything is enabled. One license allows for everything in Enterprise Architect and all MDG Extensions. No hidden costs – easy to deploy, easy to manage.


  • Instantly Get instant access to Pro Cloud Server’s external data integration capabilities. There are no additional customer fees – just install and connect. In addition, you get the MDG Integration product for MS Office (download separately) for working with MS Office tools and Enterprise Architect models.

Access control

  • Hide or show custom security model-based content. When using Oracle or SQL Server, Enterprise Architect supports Row Level Security. While Corporate and Consolidate editions support read from repository with RLS enabled, only Ultimate Edition provides support for configuring model packages with Row Level Security.

Build on unified version

  • Includes everything in Professional, Enterprise, and Unified Editions of Enterprise Architects. Instant access to all modeling tools, MDG extensions, Framework, Simulation and many applications
  • Includes licenses for all data integration services supported by Pro Cloud. Customers have instant access to Jira, ServiceNow, TFS and others through Pro Cloud Server.

MS Office integration

  • Includes full license for the MSG Integrated MS Office extension. Dress yourself and your team with Office integration at no extra cost.

DOORS link

  • Use DOORS integration through the MDG extension or through the Pro Cloud Server Jazz integration client.

Row-level security

  • Manage user detailed access to model information by hiding complete parts of the model based on user connections.

Update content of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 15.0.1509:

The official website did not provide any information about the changes in this version.


[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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