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StairDesigner Pro 7.11a

StairDesigner Pro software overview Stair design:

StairDesigner Pro is a smooth, helicoidal and balanced staircase design, used in the wood, marble, stone and metal industries. StairDesigner allows quick access to stair parameters. The guide and control function checks the pitch height, beam length, and foot law parameters (Blundel’s law) and helps follow the steps. This software is based on the global balance function of Boolean and partner, summarizes the large equilibrium theories and calculates the “S” shape, angular steps, light and circular stairs, as well as Dark shading Optimization of concrete stairs.


StairDesigner Pro – Design the stairs

This program calculates all stairs components, including steps, springs, columns, shelves, sills, fences, etc. that can be printed. The built-in 3D StairDesigner function (color, texture, and transparency level) shows the stairs in three different viewing modes.

Features of StairDesigner Software:

  • Controls Saul’s height, step length and step rule [Min – Max]. When the step values ​​match the control intervals [Min]. The program displays a green signal.
  • Once the staircase is defined, the software will calculate the Global Phase Balance. All steps are balanced by default, but the position of each step can be transferred individually: the software will then recalculate the step equilibrium automatically.
  • In this program, the print ratio is 1/1 of all stack components. The printing function adapts to any size of the printer and adds the number of pages required to complete the mold.
  • Export stairs in DXF 3D_Face format, and export (with the tool) in DXF 2D format.

[Download] / [Pass unzip : 01234]


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