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Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7.0.10

Overview of Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro Software Audio Editor:

Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro is a new approach to audio editing, with new concepts to change the way you work. For the first time ever, you can directly edit spectral data, open up the world of cutting-edge audio and utilize innovative innovations for traditional techniques. With SpectraLayers Pro you will visualize sound in amazing new ways, including in 3D. Work with remixes as if they were tracks. Integrate these capabilities into your DAW and other tools. And all in one familiar interface that you didn’t realize you already knew.



Features of SpectraLayers Pro

Sound editing

  • The most natural, powerful, and accurate editing is performed directly in the vehicle. Draw and paint, edit and photo, video and frame. SpectraLayers recommend this editing into sound. Start with the spectral domain, where time, frequency and amplitude are all visible. Use the power of 22 advanced tools – modify, draw, select, measure, mark up, and listen with a pressure-sensitive mouse or stylus.

Advanced selection tools

  • Convert traditional audio editing with the industry’s most advanced selection engine. Create any chosen shape – draw freely, with geometry-based tools or automatically based on sound features. Add full visual crossfade masks and real-time preview. Use the options for spectrum playback, selection-based effects and our Image Transformer. Additionally, use the options to protect audio from modification, extract selections to other Layers, and edit 2D audio. Even save and recall them.

Effects based on selection:

  • SpectraLayers reimagine the selection-based processing, the most popular editing technique among other spectral tools. It starts with our Advanced Selection Tool (ASE). Apply SpectraLayers industry-standard restoration effects, like spectrum noise reduction and audio processing. First, in another industry, you can also use the External Editor to use the effects in your other audio engines, such as WaveLab, iZotope RX®, and Melodyne® for interoperability. like the full ASE. Undo and redo these edits like any other – instantly.

Transform the way you convert

  • SpectraLayers use the industry’s only visual transformation system for audio. And it’s realtime, with full resolution preview. Move, scale, and stretch sounds as you drag the mouse (or stylus) to align musical features while you transform and measure your changes with markers and timelines . Of course, you can also do it like everyone else does, using numbers. Either way, all transformations are provided by the Advanced Selection Tool.

Tracks and regions

  • Development classes are at the heart of SpectraLayers. They are compatible with regions and tracks, but more powerful. Seeing them shows you their sound – both individually and mixed with other Layers. You can edit them while watching your changes affect other tracks – in real time. Use any editing method, instantly previewed with any tool.

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